Five reasons to go mobile with e‑learning


The future of business is mobile. More and more companies are investing in mobile technology to allow their employees to work whenever and wherever. This can see your team on the road meeting clients face-to-face or working from home over the weekend. But with such a disparate team, how can you make sure every employee implements the same universal procedures, or has access to a centralised company training programme? This is where mobile e-learning comes in.

What is mobile e-learning?

The evolution of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, has opened up new training possibilities. Mobile e-learning, or m-learning, gives learners access to training courses and support content through their mobile device. This means learning material, such as multiple choice quizzes, short animations or text documents, can be accessed either on mobile optimised websites or through customised apps.

Five benefits of mobile e-learning

  1. Instant access While working away from their desk an employee might encounter a problem which they need help to find a solution. No matter where they are, m-learning allows for easy access to training materials when they need it most. Not only this, but with m-learning your employees can immediately implement their training into real-life situations. This way training becomes situated rather than simulated. They will be able to learn the material and carry out the right actions straight away, helping them retain the information.

  2. Keep things fresh Long gaps between training sessions can cause some employees to forget certain elements of their training. M-learning can act as a refresher course to help bridge this gap. Quick-fire quizzes or assessments will help keep the material fresh in their mind. Employees can also be given homework and, thanks to tracking features, you will be able to measure their progress.

  3. Flexible learning When an employee is stuck in traffic or waiting at an airport terminal, they can use their time more productively by reaching for their mobile device and taking advantage of the m-learning training. This flexibility means they can even brush up on their knowledge before meeting a client or study at home in their spare time.

  4. Heightened interest Being stuck in a stuffy board room can stifle your concentration. Employees need to feel engaged to effectively learn new material. Studying on the go using mobile devices has been proven to generate more interest. A 2011 study, published in the Computers and Education journal, showed m-learning improved students’ learning interest, attitude and learning achievement (i).

  5. Suits any style There is a wide variety of m-learning programmes available to suit every learning style. They can use text, graphics, games, videos, animations or infographics to help guide employees through procedures. They will also be able to listen to podcasts or enter into discussions with colleagues on forums.

Case study

We worked closely with unionlearn to create a mobile version of the Climbing Frame learning and development tool. The Android and iOS app includes features such as objective setting and a knowledge repository of educational articles which allows learners to access just-in-time information and track their development progress.

Thanks to advancements in technology, your staff can stay connected and access key training materials no matter where they are. So whether you’re a global corporation or a small company with plans to expand, m-learning is an essential tool to help lay your business foundations.

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